Mar 29, 2022


As a business owner or manager in Upstate South Carolina, you are probably well aware of how important communication is for your team. After all, it’s been shown that socialization, communication, and trust are at the center of team productivity.

According to a survey done by the American Psychological Association, people are motivated to help their company succeed when they feel safe to share their thoughts and know that their ideas will be heard.

Even more crucially, if people don’t feel like their contributions matter, they won’t want to stick around.

So how do you build a team that understands how to communicate effectively?

Well, unfortunately for everyone who has ever wanted to have the perfect team overnight (and I guess that’s all of us), the answer isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

But one important step that stands true for every team is team building: activities or plans that focus on getting the entire team together to collaborate and socialize. 

Team building focuses on enhancing team communication so that team members can view each other as the complex and creative human beings they are, not just “cogs in the machine” when it comes to getting tasks done.

It’s clear team building is a crucial part of your company’s growth. But how do you know what to do and where to go?

How To Decide What Team Building Activity Works For Your Team

To narrow down your options, it’s important to decide on the goal for your team building.

Are you trying to give your team members social time outside of work so they can see each other’s fun side, or are you hoping to sharpen a certain skill, such as analytical thinking or team collaboration?

If you’re looking for social activities, choices such as a restaurant or arcade make the most sense. If you want to enhance the team’s critical thinking as a group, activities that require brainpower (like escape rooms or scavenger hunts) are the smarter option. Creative or physical activities like pottery, hiking, or ax-throwing can draw a team together, but only if everyone on the team is willing to try it.

One of the best things you can do when it comes to planning a team-building activity is to ask your team their opinion. Getting everyone on board will result in more energy, better communication, and a more pleasant experience for everyone during the activity.

What Activities Are There In Greenville, South Carolina?

We’re so glad you asked.

Greenville is exploding with fun activities and places to go for your team.

The hard part is narrowing down the options.

That’s why we’ve divided the activities into a list of indoor, outdoor, and remote activities in Greenville and Upstate, South Carolina. Within these sections, we’ve broken down the activities further into types, with helpful details and information for your planning.

Keep reading for a list of every team-building activity we found in the Greenville area, or use the table below to navigate to a certain section.

Want to put your team’s brainpower to the test? Our Greenville Escape Artist rooms offer an intriguing and energetic environment for teams to sharpen their skills. Book one of our escape rooms today for an experience the whole team will enjoy.

Team Building Activities in Upstate SC by Type

Indoor Activities


TeamBonding Charity Bike Build

TeamBonding is a team-building company that offers events all over the U.S., including Greenville, SC. Their bike build program lets team members work together by building bikes for kids who don’t have one. This volunteer program is a heartwarming way for your team to come together, and its uplifting purpose and team-focused approach make it great for collaboration. The event can be done indoors or outdoors.

TeamBonding DISC Training

The DISC profile is a personality test that helps team members understand the way they approach their work and how to work together more effectively. The test offers incredible insight into how to harness your strengths and manage your weak spots. TeamBonding offers an event to help teams find their personality results using the DISC profile and strengthen their skills with other team members of the same personality.


The Mad Smash in Taylors

The Mad Smash is just as amazing as it sounds: a place where you can go to smash objects recklessly, just for fun. The company offers what they call “rage rooms,” where you can pay for items to be set up in the room and then destroy them. They also have splatter painting, and a real car you can smash. The video says it all. This place looks like the perfect way to give your team a fun and fresh team-building experience. The company offers party rooms (you can bring food and drinks), pool, and foosball as well. The 10-person and 20-person packages are for one hour, $28 per person.

Craft Axe-Throwing at Hampton Station in Greenville

Craft Axe-Throwing at Hampton Station

This ax-throwing venue is just a few doors down from Escape Artist’s new Hampton Station location. If you want a fun, relaxed team-building event, check this place out. You can book a couple of lanes or even the whole facility for a couple of hours of throwing and hanging out. The space can easily accommodate up to forty people. To schedule a time for your team, talk to Jesse or Megan at this number: (402) – 347 – 2047.

Saluda River Archery

Saluda River Archery offers archery for teams of up to sixteen people, with indoor archery tag as a group option as well. (If you don’t know what archery tag is, watch this video. Imagine dodgeball with padded arrows and helmets, and you’ve got it.) This could be a creative excursion for your team if you’re looking to shake things up for your next team-building event. The price for 12 shooters is $200, with a $50 deposit. More shooters can be added for $10 a person. When we called to ask about booking for team-building purposes, we were excited to find out that BMW and Verizon have both done team-building events there!


Hollowed Earth Pottery at Hampton Station in Greenville

Hollowed Earth Pottery

Located right next to Escape Artist’s Hampton Station location, this pottery shop has such an artsy and welcoming vibe. Groups of 6-10 can book on the website for a lesson in pottery making. This is sure to be an inspiring and fascinating time for creative teams.

Wine & Design Greenville

Wine & Design has a page on their website specifically for team-building groups. As their page says, “The team that sips together, stays together.” The company’s instruction style is relaxed and fun, and the painting projects can be done by people with varying artistic backgrounds and skill levels. This type of activity is perfect for teams who want to find inspiration and creativity through team activities.


Escape rooms, by their nature, are a combination of teamwork and problem-solving. This makes them the perfect team-building activity for enhancing your team’s communication skills! Since it’s been shown that team building works best when members trust each other and feel heard, make sure you let everyone share their ideas. This will sharpen the team’s communication and trust as everyone works toward the same goal: escaping the room in time.

Escape Artist Greenville Downtown Location

Escape Artist Greenville’s Downtown Location

Escape Artist Greenville

Escape Artist Greenville has worked with many companies for their team-building, including BMW, Michelin, Duke Energy, and General Electric (GE), to name a few. Intriguing storylines, creative puzzles, and original sets will create a memorable experience for your team. Will and Kim personally design all of the puzzles and sets here at Escape Artist, so you’ll never find an experience like Escape Artist anywhere else.

Escape Artist Greenville Hampton Location

Escape Artist Greenville’s Hampton Station Location

Escape Artist now has two locations: we’re located on Stone Avenue in the heart of downtown Greenville as well as ten minutes away at the amazing Hampton Station development.

Team-building in Escape Artist Greenville's Dr. Fratelli's Cabin Escape Room

Team-Building in Escape Artist’s “Dr. Fratelli’s Cabin” Escape Room

Our Stone Avenue location is right across from the delicious Universal Joint and Stone Pin Company bowling, while our Hampton location is just a few doors down from White Duck Taco and Craft Axe Throwing. Both locations offer escape rooms that work well for teams.

If you’d like to talk more about our escape rooms and which location would be best for your team-building event, you can call us today. We’d love to talk with you and help you find the perfect escape room for your team’s needs.

Breakout Games

Breakout has a location down the street from the downtown Escape Artist location. They offer a variety of escape room themes, and since they are a national chain, the experience will be pretty consistent across locations. Take a look at their website to see a full list of the games they offer.

Trapped in the Upstate

Located in Greer, about 25 minutes outside of Greenville, Trapped in the Upstate offers team-building packages for their escape rooms. In addition to escape rooms, they also have space if you want to bring in catering and have your team eat there.


Dave & Buster’s Greenville

Dave & Buster’s has a location in Greenville and offers rooms for company events and parties. With food, drinks, and games, it has the perfect atmosphere for some good ol’ fashioned team bonding.

Spare Time Greenville

Spare Time is located on Congaree Road in Greenville. Besides a restaurant and arcade, it also offers bowling, laser tag, and even a couple of escape rooms (although people tend to like Escape Artist and Breakout better for escape room quality). The laser tag set is a lot of fun, though; perfect for teams looking to compete.

Frankie’s Fun Park

Frankie’s Fun Park offers laser tag and an arcade, along with tons of virtual reality games to choose from. We’ve also listed it in the outdoors section due to the park’s mini-golf and go-carts.

Servus VR Bar

Servus VR Baris a virtual reality arcade in downtown Greenville that offers VR escape rooms for up to three players, as well as racing and other virtual gaming.


Stone Pin Bowling in Greenville

Group Bowling at Stone Pin Company in Greenville

Stone Pin Company

Located just down the street from Escape Artist’s Stone Avenue location, the website describes Stone Pin Company as a “locally owned and operated boutique bowling alley.” Besides the vintage atmosphere, the alley also boasts an assortment of foods and beverages to keep your group happy while they bowl.

Spare Time Greenville

SpareTime has great bowling lanes with lights, music, and tv screens that create an upbeat and modern experience.

Outdoor Activities


Let’s Roam Scavenger Hunt

Let’s Roam is a scavenger hunt company that has locations all over the U.S., including Greenville, South Carolina. What’s fun about this scavenger hunt is that it asks questions about Greenville’s history and has key locations throughout the city, including the Swamp Rabbit Trail and Coffee Underground on Main Street. What better way to get your Greenville team involved in an activity than to focus it around the city closest to their hearts?

Adventure Games Inc. SpyGames

Adventure Games Inc. has a wide variety of games for team-building. Most of the games are part of the company’s SpyGames series, which involves a cast of actors playing out a “kidnapping of the boss” or similar scenarios. The hilarious and somewhat cheesy plots of these games look just plain fun.


Top Golf Greenville

While most of your time will be spent golfing in climate-controlled bays, Top Golf has outdoor patios and verandas that made this one an “outdoor” activity in our minds. The Escape Artist team went to Top Golf a couple of years ago, and to quote one of our team members, “Even if you suck at golf, it’s still a ton of fun!”

Frankie’s Fun Park

If you’re looking for a day of fun (and an easy way to get your team in a creative, inner-child mindset), Frankie’s Fun Park has mini-golf and go-carts that will put your team in the social spirit in no time.


There are varying levels of difficulty when it comes to hiking, so we decided to list a few ideas from easiest to hardest trails. Hiking can be a wonderful way to draw a team together, especially if there are pretty views, but this activity only works for a team where every member enjoys physical activities. Otherwise, it’s better to stick to an activity everyone can participate in.

Conestee Nature Preserve

Conestee Nature Preserve has trails and paved paths that are easy to walk. Some of the trails go around the lake, with observation decks built for bird-watching and capturing the view.

Paris Mountain

Parking at Paris Mountain can sometimes be a challenge, but there are plenty of moderate trails there. Most of the trails do have some steep inclines.

Table Rock State Park

Table Rock State Park

Table Rock is by far the best hiking in the Upstate, with breathtaking views at the top of the mountain that let you see South Carolina for miles. Table Rock is a little under an hour’s drive from Greenville, and the trails are steep. We would only recommend this trail for teams that are made up completely of hiking fanatics, but for the teams that are looking for a worthwhile view, this is the place to go.

Remote Activities


Whether your team is based in Greenville or it’s spread across the globe, you can use these remote team-building activities to get your whole team together virtually.

Adventure Games Inc. Remote Games

We mentioned Adventure Games Inc. under the outdoor section, but the company also offers remote versions of their SpyGames for companies looking to do team-building online. The same hilarious plots and spy themes still apply, just spread out over whatever geographical distance your team inhabits.

Dave & Buster’s Virtual Trivia Games

Dave & Buster’s offers a virtual trivia game run by a host to make sure the activity is a success. Based on the website, it looks like a fun way to bring remote teams together for socializing and fun games.


Virtual Escape Games

This online escape room company has hilarious escape room themes that are perfect for a virtual team-building event. From the “Escape An 80’s Workout Video” theme to “Survive A ‘90s Summer Camp Slasher,” the themes are sure to keep your team involved and enjoying their time together.

Omescape Escape Games

Omescape offers a virtual escape room called “Pursuit of the Assassin Artist” that is well-done and engaging. We would suggest a maximum of six people for this game for the best experience.

The Game Show Challenge

Created by an escape room company in Columbia, South Carolina, The Game Show Challenge has a virtual game show with multiple games that lets teams compete against each other for the win. It’s great for groups of 6-14, but you can also let them know if you want to do larger groups.

Wrapping It Up

We’ve covered just about every team-building activity imaginable around the Greenville area.

Depending on what you’re hoping to accomplish with your team building, we’ve got a variety of options, from challenging puzzles that will enhance your team’s critical thinking to outdoor activities that will challenge them physically.

As always, the main goal of team building is to find something that everyone on the team loves and use the activity to build trust, goodwill, and communication skills for your team.

If you’d like to learn more about booking an escape room for your team-building event in Greenville, SC, contact us today. We’re excited to create a memorable day your team will love.