Welcome To Your Dream Job

You’ve just accepted a new position at Chimera Corp, a lucid dream travel agency. Can you make it through your first day without getting FIRED?

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Hampton Station, Greenville - 1320 Hampton Ave.

“Help Wanted” is one of our premium experiences, which means it utilizes multiple actors and larger, more elaborate sets and puzzles.

Age Restrictions

This is not a scary experience, but some moments may be too intense for children under 12.  No one under 16 admitted without adult.

Accessibility Considerations

Help Wanted contains some brief flashing lights and fog effects. The fog can be disabled upon request.







$36 per ticket for groups of 4-8 ∙ $40 per ticket for groups of 3 ∙ $56 per ticket for groups of 2

There’s More to the Story

Continue the Adventure

Help Wanted, Dark Lullaby, and Castle Flüffendor all take place at the fictional Chimera Corporation and have linking storylines. Contact Us if you plan to play all three in the same day!

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Our bookings are always private, which means you will have the entire adventure all to yourselves. You may add more participants (up to the room capacity) on the day of your event.