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Embark on an exhilarating journey of mystery and excitement with Escape Artist Greenville. Dive into immersive escape room adventures that challenge your wits, test your teamwork, and transport you to new realms of intrigue.

Escape Rooms

Premium Experiences

Each of our premium experiences contain multiple actors and our largest, most elaborate sets and challenges! Expect a 75 minute experience; 60 minutes of game time combined with 15 minutes of interactive show.

+ $36 per ticket
$40 per ticket
$56 per ticket


Dark Lullaby

Best for thrill seekers, fans of scary experiences.

Hampton Station, Greenville 2-8


Starlight Motel

Best for thrill seekers, fans of scary experiences.

Downtown Greenville 2-6

Help Wanted

Best for larger groups that enjoy sci-fi or more immersive experiences, more challenging.

Hampton Station, Greenville 2-8

Castle Flüffendor

Best for groups of all ages that enjoy whimsical and fantastical fairy tale adventures.

Hampton Station,  Greenville 2-8

Escape Rooms

Classic Experiences

Our classic experiences are what made Escape Artist famous! These experiences feature 60 minutes of action-packed gameplay and loads of high-tech effects, but may have smaller sets and contain shorter acting components than our premium experiences.

+ $32 per ticket
$35 per ticket
$44 per ticket

Dr. Fratelli's Cabin

Best for first-time escape artists, small to medium size groups.

Downtown Greenville 2-6


Best for small groups looking for a light-hearted twist on escape rooms.

Downtown Greenville 2-5

Inventor's Enigma

Best for medium to large groups, more challenging.

Downtown Greenville 2-8

Zero to Hero

Best for large groups looking for a head-to-head challenge.

Downtown Greenville 8-10

Yuletide Magic

Best for younger kids or adults looking for a fun, cheerful story.

Downtown Greenville 4-8

The Lift

The Lift is an action packed 10-minute experience that is the perfect addition to your hour long escape.

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Book Now

Our bookings are always private, which means you will have the entire adventure all to yourselves. You may add more participants (up to the room capacity) on the day of your event.