About us

Escape Artist Greenville offers an exhilarating escape room experience in the heart of Greenville, SC. With a variety of immersive themes and challenging puzzles, it’s the perfect destination for friends, families, and corporate team-building events looking for an adventure-filled outing.

Hello Future Escape Artist

Long before I had ever heard of an “escape room,” we had a lifelong dream of creating an attraction like this one. My career in theme park engineering (thanks to Universal Orlando) combined with my wife’s background in costume and set design led us down the long road from haunted houses and murder mystery parties to the eventual creation of Escape Artist Greenville. We love living in this city and we’re proud to be the owners and designers of Greenville’s first and best escape room.

Be sure to check out our features in the Greenville News or Greenville Journal detailing the start of our journey.

Let’s start your next adventure together!

-Will and Kim Rutherford

Discover Greenville’s Best Escape Room

Have you ever wanted to solve a mystery, escape a serial killer, or save a kingdom? At Escape Artist Greenville, it’s our job to transport you to another world and make you the hero of your own personal adventure.

We are Greenville’s original escape room, and we’re the only one in town that designs our own games with unique puzzles and characters. That means you won’t find these adventures anywhere else!

What Makes Us Different?

We pride ourselves on detailed sets and stories that transport you to an alternate time and place. Our actors fully immerse you in the experience, making it even more engaging for you and your group. Our theme-based puzzles are challenging, rewarding, and carefully crafted with attention to detail.

Here’s What You Can Expect

Immersive Experiences – We don’t just offer escapes; we offer experiences. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the storyline of your favorite adventure movie, except this time you’re the hero – and the master of your fate.

Unique Adventures – We design our own games from scratch, including stories, puzzles, and set designs.  You won’t find experiences like these anywhere else in the world.

Challenging puzzles – You’ll need to work together as a team to find clues, complete challenges, and solve puzzles within the time limit.

Awesome Guides – Our staff takes our adventures to a whole new level. We hire escape room fans who are passionate about creating an experience you won’t forget. They guide you through the ground rules, set the stage, and then turn you loose to enjoy the adventure!