May 24, 2022


Looking for indoor activities in Greenville, South Carolina?

Whether you’re beating the heat, avoiding the rain, or just getting out of the house, Greenville has so much to offer when it comes to indoor activities.

The only hard part is narrowing down the options!

To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best indoor activities in Greenville and the Upstate and organized them by type. Whether you want something laid back and creative or something that will test your strength, there’s an idea in here for every group.

You can read the entire article or use the table below to navigate to the type of activity you’re looking for. Enjoy!

For an indoor activity your entire group will love, check out our escape rooms in Greenville. Our rooms combine hilarious plots and characters with intriguing puzzles to keep everyone having fun.


Spend your time indoors racking up the points with these fun entertainment venues.

Dave & Buster’s Greenville

Located on Woodruff Road in Greenville, Dave & Buster’s has the ultimate blend of games and dining to keep everyone happy. The only problem is, no one is going to want to leave!

Frankie’s Fun Park

While Frankie’s is largely made up of outdoor games, the indoor arcade and café deserve a mention on this list. VR games, classic arcade games, and a giant claw machine round out the arcade, while the café offers all the greatest junk foods, from burgers and pizza to wings and hotdogs.

Palace Billiards

Are you a billiards lover? If you’re serious about pool, Palace Billiards on Airview Drive in Greenville is a pool hall that has gotten great reviews. Casual players and pros alike can play.

Pinky’s Revenge

Located in Taylors, Pinky’s Revenge is a retro arcade and bar that often has live music or DJs on the weekends. You can view their event list here. (Thursday night karaoke, anyone?) This arcade is great for kids and adults alike, although it’s adult-only after 8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Servus VR Bar

Virtual reality and racing games make Servus VR a cool place to hang out if you’re looking for an indoor activity in the heart of downtown Greenville. Besides cutting-edge technology, Servus VR also offers food and drinks. (They didn’t put the word “bar” in the name for nothing!)

Spare Time Entertainment

For arcade games, bowling, and food, Spare Time on Congaree Road has an upbeat yet relaxed environment that’s perfect for a good time. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the games and bowling lanes.

Stone Pin Company in Greenville, SC

Stone Pin Company bowling in Greenville, SC

Stone Pin Company

This adorable bowling alley is only doors down from Escape Artist’s downtown location. The vintage atmosphere, cute menu, and fantastic location make this a wonderful experience. Plus, there’s easy parking to the side of the building.

Group Therapy Pub and Playground

For a fun time right in the middle of downtown Greenville, check out Group Therapy. They have a crazy vibe (we’re talking an umbrella ceiling, putt putt with themes like The Lego Movie, curling, ax throwing, and tons of other activities). Kids will love it (especially the disco button in the bathroom).

After seven p.m., Group Therapy is twenty-one and older, probably to keep things fun for the grown-ups. With a beer wall, creative cocktails, and lots of live music events, they’re doing a pretty good job of that.


Why not create something unique while you’re spending time indoors? These creative activities are sure to get everyone’s artistic juices flowing.

Greenville Center for Creative Arts

Take a one-day workshop, sign up for class, or enjoy the art exhibitions at Greenville Center for the Creative Arts on Abney Street.

Daydream Art

Take your indoor experience to a new level by hosting a painting party in any indoor space you want! Daydream Art will bring the supplies and instruction to you, wherever is most convenient for you. If you’d rather have a destination, Daydream Art offers classes on Thursdays at the Fine Arts Center of Easley. You can view public events here.

Greenville Soy Candle Company

If you love candles, why not learn to make your own? Greenville Soy Candle Company offers classes for individuals 16 and older to teach you all you need to know about creating your own unique candle. You can sign up here.

Hollowed Earth Pottery in Greenville, SC

Hollowed Earth Pottery at Hampton Station in Greenville, SC

Hollowed Earth Pottery

The process of creating your own pottery is an amazing experience. Hollowed Earth offers a variety of classes with excellent instruction to get you started. Take an intro class to create your own masterpiece. This is a fun learning experience for groups and individuals alike.


Take a one-time or multiple-week class to create your own one-of-a-kind jewelry piece at MAKE MADE Jewelry in Greenville. Katie and Danielle, the owners, have created a wonderful artisan atmosphere. Their shop sells unique jewelry designs by independent artists. Stop by to see it for yourself!

Le Petit Croissant

Want to learn baking skills and meet new people? Le Petit Croissant offers all sorts of classes, from baking baguettes to creating croissants and macarons. All we have left to say is, “yes, please!” (Or should we say, “oui!”)

Painting With a Twist

Located on Pelham Road, Painting With a Twist is a sip and paint shop that teaches you how to paint a design while you enjoy your wine. Their paintings are detailed and beautiful. You can see a list of the upcoming classes on their website.

Vino and Van Gogh

Vino and Van Gogh on Augusta Street also offers painting classes for adults and kids. Head to their website to see what projects and classes they’re offering.

Wine & Design Greenville

Wine & Design offers a relaxed environment for painting and sipping, and their designs are always vibrant and detailed. Their Greenville location is on Woods Crossing Road near Haywood Mall. You can check out their upcoming classes here.

Art Haven at the Mauldin Cultural Center

Art Haven offers painting and pottery classes, and the instructors do a great job of teaching technique while also allowing room for creativity. Most of the classes are multiple weeks, but you can book private parties for birthdays or big groups. Definitely worth checking out!


What’s better than getting a good drink? Experiencing music bingo, karaoke, or an author pop-up while you sip. Look below for the best places in Greenville to enjoy.

Birds Fly South Ale Project at Hampton Station in Greenville, SC

Birds Fly South Ale Project at Hampton Station in Greenville, SC

Birds Fly South Ale Project

This brewery is located at Hampton Station in Greenville in a large warehouse, making it the perfect place to enjoy a drink. When you’re done, you can explore the other shops at Hampton (including Dear Greenville stationary and Karisma by Kara jewelry). In the past, Birds Fly South has hosted events like speed dating and live performances, so keep an eye out for the fun activities they offer.

Grateful Brew on Pleasantburg in Greenville, SC

Grateful Brew

Grateful Brew combines coffee and craft beer in one wacky, wonderful place. The retro vibe and fantastic staff will draw you in, and the delicious drinks will cement it as one of your favorite shops. As if that’s not enough reason to drive there right now, Grateful Brew offers trivia nights on Wednesdays at seven (with a featured food truck outside). Check out their events page for other upcoming events.

The Commons

Located along the Swamp Rabbit trail near Hampton Station, The Commons is a modern food hall downtown with all sorts of incredible choices inside: there’s an Automatic Taco, a Community Tap, a Methodical Coffee, a Bake Room, and more. This is a great place to come with friends and spend a couple of hours.

Wandering Bard Meadery at Hampton Station in Greenville, SC

Wandering Bard Meadery at Hampton Station in Greenville, SC

Wandering Bard Meadery

For delicious mead, paninis, and charcuterie, check out Wandering Bard at Hampton Station. They also have fantastic events like live music, bingo, game nights, and book clubs. You can see the latest event calendar here.

Cosmic Rabbits Tea Company

Filled with adorable tea merch (including mugs, pot cozies, and local tea blends like Starfruit Enterprise), Cosmic Rabbits is a fun place to hang out and enjoy the AC. Their drinks are delicious, and sometimes the owner’s pet rabbit makes an appearance in his hutch. How can you not love bunny-themed tea?

Smiley's Acoustic Café in downtown Greenville, SC

Smiley’s Acoustic Café in downtown Greenville, SC

Smiley’s Acoustic Café 

With events throughout the week like live karaoke and open mic, Smiley’s always has something exciting going on. This small bar located on Augusta Street in Greenville (and now in Easley, too!) has a small, artistic atmosphere. Along with drinks, Smiley’s also has appetizers and flatbread pizzas on the menu. (The karaoke night has a live band that accompanies you. The musicians are not only amazing at their instruments, but also great people!)

Outside Magnetic South Brewery at Judson Mill in Greenville, SC

Inside Magnetic South Brewery at Judson Mill

Magnetic South Brewery

Besides giving you a way to try unique southern-brewed beer, Magnetic South also offers great activities for the kids, like skiiball and pool. Their newest location just opened up at Judson Mill in Greenville, right by BlocHaven. The place is huge with lots of tables, making it a great meeting spot for big groups.

Ding Tea

If you’re craving bubble tea and want a cool place to hang out, Ding Tea near Haywood Mall has delicious boba and a stack of games to play while you enjoy it. (Just a hint: their decor makes for adorable photos!)

Cartwright Food Hall

While Cartwright Food Hall doesn’t usually have events, it’s so cool it deserves a mention. Located in downtown Greer, Cartwright has interesting food choices ranging from Jamaican to Japanese. Lots of tables, a spacious upstairs with additional seating, and a café make it a great indoor place to hang out, especially on a rainy day.

Warehouse at Vaughns

Head into Simpsonville on Tuesday nights at seven for music bingo and drinks at Warehouse at Vaughns. While the drinks are a touch on the expensive side, the music bingo and grand prizes are fantastic.

M. Judson in downtown Greenville, SC

Image thanks to M. Judson in downtown Greenville, SC

Judson Booksellers

Besides the downtown location, incredible atmosphere, and delicious café inside, M. Judson offers excellent events like author pop-ups and book clubs. Grab a wine or a tea from Camilla Kitchen and enjoy one of the many events M. Judson hosts.

The Foundry at Judson Mill in Greenville, SC

The Foundry

The Foundry is a live music venue at the Judson Mill. Not only do they have the world’s coolest bottle chandelier, but their musical line-up is on fire. Check out their website for the list of upcoming bands and singers.


For an indoor activity that holds your interest and uses your brain, try out an escape room! There’s no better way to spend time inside than solving puzzles, experiencing amusing plots, and trying to beat the clock. These escape room companies will help you do just that.

Escape Artist's downtown location on Stone Avenue

Escape Artist’s downtown location on Stone Avenue

Escape Artist's Hampton Station location

Escape Artist’s Hampton Station location

Escape Artist Greenville

At Escape Artist, we build all our rooms from scratch, which means you’ll never find an escape room experience like it anywhere else. We love creating rooms with unique storylines and hilarious characters. Whether you want to experience our chilling Starlight Motel or you’d rather work your first day at a lucid dream travel agency, your experience will be unforgettable.

We offer tons of different rooms, from classic escape rooms to premium experiences with elaborate sets and live actors. Whatever room you choose, prepare to be fully immersed in a story you’ll love. (If you want more information to help you find the perfect room for your experience, reach out to us. We’d love to talk you through the rooms that would best fit your group.)

We now have two locations you can choose from: downtown Greenville on Stone Avenue and Hampton Station right outside of downtown. Book your adventure with us today.

Breakout Games

Breakout is located just down the street from the downtown Escape Artist location. As a national chain, they offer a solid experience with fun themes like submarine survival or kidnapping. You can see a full list of their Greenville rooms here.

Trapped in the Upstate

Trapped in the Upstate is located in Greer, only 25 minutes outside of Greenville. With entertaining rooms like “The Legend of Lizzie” and “Saving Santa,” you’re sure to have a good time. Take a look at their rooms here.


If you’re looking for a good place to hang out indoors, why not go somewhere where you can learn something new? These museums in the Upstate will pique your interest.

The Children’s Museum of the Upstate

The Children’s Museum in Greenville has so many themes to choose from, from a section teaching children how to create animations to a “Garage Rock” section with different sounds and instruments for kids to experiment with. Tickets are $12 for South Carolina residents.

Greenville Center for Creative Arts

GCCA is a center dedicated to supporting the arts in Greenville, from exhibitions to art classes. You can see the current exhibitions on display here. GCCA is free, which makes it the perfect rainy day activity for art lovers!

Greenville County Museum of Art

Greenville County Museum of Art is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums and has many watercolor works by Andrew Wyeth. This art museum is also free to visitors and focuses on how its art ties in with Southern history.

Roper Mountain Science Center

With a butterfly garden, dinosaur trail, and “Friday Starry Nights,” Roper Mountain Science Center is a great place to bring kids. Tickets for the Friday Starry Nights are usually $5 for children and $6 for adults.

Sigal Music Museum

For music and history lovers, Sigal Music Museum showcases beautiful instruments from different time periods, including harpsichords, spinets, horns, strings, and more. This unique museum offers an intriguing indoor activity for everyone who appreciates musical instruments and is curious about the sounds of the past.

Upcountry History Museum

Upcountry offers a thoughtful, well-done look at the history of the area, along with many traveling exhibitions that are always insightful and high-quality. For museum-lovers in the area, Upcountry will not disappoint. It offers plenty of information without being overwhelming.


Take it up a notch with these highly athletic indoor activities, great for kids and groups with lots of energy.


This indoor arena is full of challenges, with rope courses, ball pits, and a spider wall. Bring out your competitive streak to see who can get the highest score.

Big Air Trampoline Park

Big Air is located on Woodruff Drive in Greenville and has tons of fun obstacles to choose from, like rock climbing and foam pits. This is a great indoor destination to use up some of that cooped-up energy.

Craft Axe Throwing at Hampton Station in Greenville, SC

Craft Axe Throwing at Hampton Station in Greenville, SC

Craft Axe-Throwing

Experience ax-throwing in Craft Axe’s fun, laid-back environment. Grab a drink, learn the techniques, and see just how much fun ax-throwing can be. Plus, Craft Axe is located just a few doors down from White Duck Taco and Escape Artist in Hampton Station. Why not make a night of it? Throw some axes, grab some tacos, and check out our newest escape room. Craft Axe’s location at Hampton Station can’t be beat if you’re looking for the jackpot of indoor activities.

DEFY Greenville

Did anyone say parkour? Located on Brookfield Oaks Drive in Greenville, DEFY offers trampolines and courses that will help you unleash your inner Ninja Warrior.

The Mad Smash

What better way to spend time indoors than to break stuff? Okay, your mom may not have liked that idea when you were growing up, but at The Mad Smash, you’re free to be as destructive as you want. Check out their website for a list of items you can smash.

The Pavilion Ice Rink and Sports Complex

Need to stay active while staying indoors? Ice skating and bounce houses at The Pavillion are the perfect way to go. Take a look at the public skate schedule here.

Saluda River Archery

Located in Piedmont off of Interstate 85, Saluda River Archery offers archery lessons and a shooting range. This activity is good for all ages and just plain fun.

Stumpy’s Hatchett House at Judson Mill in Greenville, SC

Stumpy’s Hatchett House

Stumpy’s is an ax-throwing venue at Judson Mill and takes full advantage of the spacious mill location. The space is massive, with tons of lanes for ax throwing, comfortable chairs and couches, and fun merch. If you’re looking for somewhere fun and relaxing to go with a group, this is your ticket. (Note: the virtual tour on their website is not of the Judson Mill location, but it will give you a great feel for their vibe.)

SkyZone Trampoline Park

You’ve watched it on tv, but want to try out a Warped Wall and Ninja Warrior course for yourself? Skyzone is the place for you. Located on Laurens Road in Greenville, SkyZone is a great place to bring kids.

TOPGOLF Greenville

TOPGOLF lets you enjoy the perks of golfing without the drawbacks of having to chase down your golf ball or swelter in the heat. Enjoy climate-controlled bays and a yummy menu while you take a swing.

Urban Air Adventure Park

With Battle Beam, an indoor playground, and trampolines, Urban Air is every kid’s dream. Plus, there’s a cafe with pizza and slushies in case anyone gets the munchies.

Outside BlocHaven Climbing Gym at Judson Mill in Greenville, SC

Inside BlocHaven Rock Climbing Gym

BlocHaven Rock Climbing Gym

BlocHaven is a climbing gym for all ages and skill levels. Even if you’ve never climbed a rock wall in your life, you’ll have a great time learning the basics at BlocHaven’s fun, laid-back gym. The staff is knowledgeable and always ready to answer questions, and the people are so friendly. Plus, BlocHaven has a café and tables to set up shop if you’re looking for a place to get some work done. With wifi and coffee, do you need anything more? (We should mention there’s also ping-pong. You always need ping-pong.) You can get an all-day pass along with shoes, chalk, and a harness, for only $25 a person. If it’s your first time going, just make sure to budget in a few minutes at the beginning to sign the waivers and get your climbing shoes fitting just right.


When it comes to indoor activities in Greenville, it’s hard to beat a good show. Check out the list of theaters and comedy bars below. (Oops, we rhymed! Must be that thespian influence.)

Alchemy Comedy Theater

Alchemy performs improv and comedy shows in the theater adjacent to Coffee Underground in Greenville on most weekends. In addition to that, they also offer improv classes for adults. Take in a show and grab a coffee, or start planning a performance of your own!

Bon Secours Wellness Arena

One of the largest event spaces around, Bon Secours is constantly hosting famous musicians and tours. Take a look at their website for upcoming events.

Centre Stage

For professional theater and musicals, Centre Stage is a small, high-quality theater in Greenville. Take a look at their upcoming performances here.

The Comedy Zone

This North Main Street comedy venue has a wide variety of shows and open mic. You can see the list of upcoming comedy performances on their homepage.

Greenville Theater

For performances of fun and famous musicals, Greenville Theater is the place to go. The cozy theater and talented performers make Greenville Theater an enthralling experience.

Mural on the Mauldin Cultural Center in Mauldin, SC

Mural on the Mauldin Cultural Center in Mauldin, SC

Mauldin Cultural Center

Mauldin Cultural Center offers great shows at affordable prices. Take a look at this season’s events here. There are plays, musicals, and more. Plus, there’s a cabin next door that sells ice cream if you want a pre-show snack.

Peace Center

You can’t write an article about indoor activities in Greenville without mentioning the Peace Center. This beautiful venue hosts a myriad of concerts and musicals. The shows are always incredibly well done and worth the money. You can view upcoming events here.

South Carolina Children's Theatre in downtown Greenville, SC

South Carolina Children’s Theatre in downtown Greenville, SC

South Carolina Children’s Theatre

South Carolina Children’s Theatre puts on excellent productions. There’s nothing more to say. Keep an eye on Greenville’s future stars and enjoy their whimsical shows.

The Warehouse Theatre in downtown Greenville, SC

The Warehouse Theatre in downtown Greenville, SC

The Warehouse Theatre

For an edgier theater experience exploring deep topics, take a look at The Warehouse Theatre’s productions. The theater prides itself on being raw, authentic, and diverse, and it has a wide variety of shows to offer.

We hope this list helps you find some new favorite indoor activities in Greenville! Did we miss something? Shoot us an email at We’d love to hear your ideas!