Dec 17, 2021

Escape Artist Acquires The Chimera Corporation

Escape Artist Greenville acquires The Chimera Corporation, aims to give guests the “Adventure of Their Dreams.”

Have you ever been in the middle of a dream and stopped to think “wait, am I dreaming?”  If so, you may have experienced a lucid dream.  Lucid dreaming is a technique where you can train your mind to have complete control over what happens in the dream world.  Leading dream scientists estimate that approximately half of all people have experienced some form of lucid dreaming, but mastering the technique can take a lifetime of dedication and practice.  Until now…

The Chimera Corporation touts itself as “The Premier Lucid Dreaming Travel Agency” allowing customers to choose a scenario from a list of dream destinations.  Visitors are then put to sleep with a special method, and inserted into the lucid dream of their choosing.  “What sets Chimera Corp apart from the competitors” says company spokesperson Mary Black, “Is our ability to send small groups into the same dream so they can share the experience together.”

“We are excited about this company merge and the opportunity to once again offer our lucid dreaming adventures to the public,” exclaims Black.  “This is not a merge, it is a full acquisition by Escape Artist,” corrects attorney Robert Murdoc.  “The acquisition eradicates all pending litigation against the previous owners of Chimera Corp.”

The Chimera Corporation will operate out of Hampton Station in Greenville, SC.  Fans of Escape Artist Greenville can expect the same great mystery, challenges, and characters as their original location.  Look out for the two new experiences below opening in early 2022!

Help Wanted Escape Artist Greenville

Experience #1: Help Wanted

Chimera Corp is now hiring groups of 2-8.  Come to our new employee orientation and learn why we call our work environment “The Most Pleasant Place on the Planet!”

Chimera Corp employees can expect:

  • Wages

  • Exciting* work conditions

  • “Hands-on” testing experience

In return, we simply ask for you unwavering allegiance to Chimera Corp.



Experience #2: Dark Lullaby

The average dream is 8 minutes long.  Can you survive a 1-hour nightmare?

Disclaimer: In rare cases, guests experience a prolonged inability to awaken from the dream state. Chimera Corp assumes no liability for any side effects including, but not limited to nausea, amnesia, temporary paralysis, non-temporary paralysis, or death.