Jun 22, 2022


Whether you’re overwhelmed by your options or you’re stuck in a same-restaurant-rut, it can be overwhelming trying to plan that perfect date night in Greenville.

You want to find the right balance of fun and romance, but you also don’t have hours to scour the internet to find it.

That’s where this article comes in.

We’ve compiled this giant list of date night activities, restaurants, breweries, and shops in Greenville, SC, to help you plan a great night.

Use the table below to navigate to the section that captures your interest, or read from start to finish for a list of fantastic options and ideas for date night.

If you want to make things even easier on yourself, we’ve put together four Greenville date night schedules to try with your date, from casual and fun to classy and romantic.


Date Night Ideas in Greenville, SC,



Antonino Bertolo’s Pizza & Wine Bar

Located on Main Street in downtown Greenville, Bertolo’s Pizza is as good as it gets. Plus, the comfortable seating and low lighting make it a casual yet cozy experience for a great date night.

Basil Thai Restaurant

For upscale Thai cuisine in downtown Greenville, Basil is where it’s at. The restaurant gets fantastic reviews and offers vegetarian and vegan meal options as well.

Chicora Alley Restaurant & Bar

Chicora Alley serves down-home Southern food and is located just off the Swamp Rabbit Trail. The restaurant hosts live music all the time, so you’re sure to catch some jazz during the week.

If you want an unusual and memorable date night, why not try an activity that involves solving clues and racing against the clock? Our Escape rooms in Greenville SC combine interesting puzzles and hilarious plotlines to give you and your date an experience you’ll never forget. Book your date (or double date!) today.

Gather GVL

Gather GVL is an outdoor gathering of restaurants and breweries in downtown Greenville built out of shipping containers. Besides being incredibly cool, the food options range from sushi to cheesesteak sandwiches, so there’s something for everyone.

Grill Marks

Serving burgers, fries, and shockingly amazing milkshakes, Grill Marks on South Main Street in Greenville is a delicious place to go for a date.

Luna Rosa Gelato Café & Restaurant

Let’s be honest, the word gelato already convinced you. But Luna Rosa also has pasta, pizzas, salads, and a bar. It’s the best of all worlds in one cute and quirky restaurant.

Menkoi Noodle House

Menkoi Noodle House is the place for ramen lovers. The service is fast and friendly, the food delicious, and the menu affordable. Plus, its location in the heart of downtown Greenville is hard to beat.

Nose Dive Gastropub

Want a fun and funky atmosphere with great burgers and drinks? Check out Nose Dive on South Main Street in Greenville. While it’s one of the more expensive options we’ve listed under the “Casual” section, the experience is worth it.

Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack in Greenville, SC

Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack

As the website says, Rocky’s is all about Nashville-style hot chicken and southern soul food. From the moment you walk in, Rocky’s vibe is spicy and fun. T-shirts on the wall proclaim that the restaurant has been “giving you the bird since 2009.” The restaurant has delicious food (Watch those spice levels, though! Even the mild has a little kick to it!) and great outdoor seating.

Society Sandwich

For gourmet sandwiches and an excellent bar, check out Society Sandwich in downtown Greenville. The hip diner atmosphere and upscale sandwich twists make it a fun experience to try.

The Commons

Whether you want to eat at Golden Brown & Delicious, enjoy some drinks at the Community Tap, or celebrate Taco Tuesday at Automatic Taco, The Commons will let you craft the perfect date, all in one place.

Trio: A Brick Oven Café

Trio offers casual but delicious Italian food in the heart of downtown. The restaurant’s relaxed atmosphere and comfortable booths will make you feel welcome immediately.

Tupelo Honey

Tupelo Honey is the place to go for succulent, soulful Southern food. We know we got hung up on the alliteration, but it’s true: with menu options like fried green tomatoes and smothered chicken, Tupelo Honey has taken the flavors of the South and elevated them to a whole new level.

Warehouse at Vaughns

Located in downtown Simpsonville, Warehouse at Vaughns has many restaurants and breweries inside offering everything from burgers and tacos to cocktails and dessert. The atmosphere is fun and energetic. On Tuesdays during the summer, the Warehouse offers a fantastic music bingo event starting at seven p.m. (You’ll want to get there early to snag a table!)

White Duck Taco at Hampton Station in Greenville, SC

White Duck Taco at Hampton Station in Greenville, SC

White Duck Taco at Hampton Station

White Duck Tacos offers delicious and unique taco interpretations, like the Lamb Gyro or the Korean Beef Bulgogi. The restaurant’s industrial decor and the lovely outdoor seating at Hampton Station only add to the experience.

Willy Taco

For a funky twist on Mexican food with a great bar, Willy Taco on Laurens Road has it all: scrumptious food, interesting selections, and a vibe that’s hard to beat.


Hall’s Chophouse

One of the most expensive restaurants in Greenville, Hall’s Chophouse offers a refined and upscale experience. It’s an incredible place to go when you’re celebrating something special. Use it as an excuse to dress up and take a night on the town!


Jianna is a second-story restaurant next to Falls Park with an Italian-inspired menu including lavish options like Duck Leg Confit and Char-grilled Octopus. This restaurant will satisfy any food enthusiast’s craving.

The Lazy Goat

The Lazy Goat offers a fresh, Mediterranean-inspired menu. Just take a look at the website’s photo gallery to see the colorful plating and mouthwatering choices. The restaurant’s outdoor seating is lovely as well.


Larkin’s not only has a magnificent menu, but their outdoor seating is as romantic as it gets. The patio, strewn with lights, overlooks the Reedy River and the Wyche Pavillion. The restaurant is right next door to the Peace Center.


For creamy, traditional Italian food (and a wonderful outdoor space), plan your date at Limoncello on River Street in Greenville. The restaurant often has live music, making it a great choice for a fun double date.


Roost is located in NOMA Square on Main Street, where Downtown Alive offers free live music every Thursday night. Besides delectable entrees like stuffed salmon and tenderloin farfalle, Roost has a great drink menu. It’s the perfect place to bring a date (or do a double date!).


For exquisite food, an elegant experience, and a fantastic wine selection, Soby’s is one-of-a-kind. The restaurant’s atmosphere is sophisticated yet relaxed, making it an excellent choice for a memorable date.

Sushi Murasaki

Sushi Murasaki is your destination for Japanese cuisine, from hibachi and ramen to an impressive list of sushi options. Plus, the restaurant is right along South Main Street in Greenville, making it easy to grab some after-dinner drinks or take a stroll.


Birds Fly South Ale Project at Hampton Station in Greenville, SC

Birds Fly South Ale Project at Hampton Station in Greenville, SC

Birds Fly South Ale Project

Think funky and flavorful when it comes to Birds Fly South’s IPAs and lagers. The brewery was started by a husband and wife duo and is located at Hampton Station, with great outdoor seating.


Owned by Table 301, CAMP is an eatery in downtown Greenville with a lovely rooftop bar. Since it’s located in Camperdown Plaza, it’s only a short walk from Jeni’s ice cream or Insomnia Cookies, making it a sweet date destination.

The Community Tap at The Commons

For a wide variety of drink choices (and beer on tap), check out The Community Tap in Greenville or along the Swamp Rabbit Trail. This is a great place to plan a double date.

Foxcroft Wine

As the name implies, Foxcroft has an extensive selection of wines and an incredibly knowledgeable staff. Foxcroft is a perfect place to have a relaxing date in a warm and welcoming environment.

Fr8yard Beer Garden

For an outdoor beer garden that constantly has trivia, open mics, and live music events going on, visit Fr8yard in Spartanburg. The vibrant atmosphere and energetic events will keep any date night adventurous.

Growler Haus

For a craft beer shop rooted in the community, Growler Haus is an excellent place to take a date and enjoy some beer on tap.

Jack n’ Diane’s Dueling Piano Bar

For a crazy and fun night full of music, go to Jack n’ Diane’s Dueling Piano Bar. You’ll want to get a reservation ahead of time (which will cover the admission fee), but this bar will create a memorable and musical date for sure.


What’s more romantic than a garden rooftop bar? Juniper, located in the AC Hotel in Greenville, serves trendy drinks with beautiful views of the city.

Wandering Bard Meadery at Hampton Station in Greenville, SC

Wandering Bard Meadery at Hampton Station in Greenville, SC

Wandering Bard Meadery

If you haven’t heard of mead, it’s an alcoholic drink made with fermented honey. The Wandering Bard Meadery at Hampton Station in Greenville not only creates its own meads, but it also has delicious charcuterie boards and paninis. Wandering Bard hosts game nights and live music frequently, so keep an eye on their events to plan a fun and easy date.

Smiley's Acoustic Café in downtown Greenville, SC

Smiley’s Acoustic Café in downtown Greenville, SC

Smiley’s Acoustic Cafe

Smiley’s events like live karaoke and open mic are what make it a fabulous date night destination. Grab a drink and a flatbread pizza from their menu and enjoy the entertainment.


Coffee Underground

Not only is Coffee Underground in a great location downtown, but it also has a personal, almost mysterious vibe that is perfect for any date. Choose from cute tables in the front or cozy booths in the back. Coffee Underground also hosts a lot of comedy nights and performances.

Insomnia Cookies

If you’ve been having so much fun on your date that you forgot all about the time, don’t worry. Insomnia Cookies is open late into the night (it’s a part of the name, after all!). Their cookies are scrumptious, and you can purchase by the cookie or get a box.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

For unique flavors and interesting ice cream twists, check out Jeni’s at Camperdown Plaza in Greenville. The plaza has wonderful outdoor seating for you to enjoy as well.


Let’s be honest: a date without chocolate just isn’t a date. Kilwins serves heavenly fudges and chocolates from its shop in NOMA Square downtown.

Le Petit Croissant

Le Petit Croissant serves French pastries and delicacies, and it’s located on South Main Street near Falls Park, making it a lovely place to purchase some croissants and enjoy an evening stroll in the park.

Luna Rosa

Nothing says romance like fresh-made gelato. Luna Rosa in downtown Greenville has plenty of gelato options to choose from. It won’t disappoint.

Marble Slab

Nothing like some creamy ice cream to finish a great meal or grab in the evening to enjoy with a walk. Marble Slab offers classic ice cream flavors with delicious mix-ins.

Old Europe Coffee and Desserts

The name says it all. If you’re craving pastries (and maybe a bit of coffee to wash it all down), Old Europe Desserts offers croissants, cakes, macarons, cookies, and more.

Fun Places to Visit

Cleveland Park

Cleveland Park has excellent walking trails that lead right into downtown Greenville. Even better, you can park by the Greenville Zoo for free!

Reedy Falls in downtown Greenville, SC (Photo thanks to Emmy Gaddy)

Reedy Falls in downtown Greenville, SC (Photo thanks to Emmy Gaddy)

Falls Park on the Reedy

The iconic bridge, the beautiful waterfall, and the well-kept landscaping make Falls Park an exquisite park to enjoy for a date night. Picnic, anyone?

Greenville Soy Candle Co.

Greenville Soy sells hand-poured candles and splendid soaps. It’s definitely a place to add to the list if you’re exploring downtown Greenville.

M. Judson Booksellers in downtown Greenville, SC

M. Judson Booksellers in downtown Greenville, SC

Judson Booksellers

Is there anything more romantic than a bookstore? M. Judson has a first-class selection of books, including books from local authors. Plus, the café offers desserts and drinks to enjoy while you read.

Plant Stella

For an incredible botanical experience, Plant Stella is the place to explore. The shop on South Main Street closes at six, but the Haywood Mall location is open longer. It’s the perfect place to browse while you’re waiting for dinner. The variety and the sheer number of plants will astound you.

Swamp Rabbit Café in Greenville, SC (Photo thanks to Jonathan Hanna)

Swamp Rabbit Café

The Swamp Rabbit Café is a bakery, restaurant, and grocery store located along the Swamp Rabbit Trail that sells high-quality and local goods (plus delicious breads and sandwiches). It closes at seven, but is an experience worth having!

Swamp Rabbit Trail

This trail goes past so many interesting spots in Greenville, from the Swamp Rabbit Café listed above to Hampton Station and the downtown area itself. You won’t need to walk all 22 miles to enjoy this well-paved trail through Greenville.

Theaters & Shows

Alchemy Comedy Theater

Nothing sets the stage for an uproariously fun date like an improv comedy show. Alchemy Comedy performs in Coffee Underground’s theater most Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

The Comedy Zone

The Comedy Zone on North Main Street in Greenville hosts a wide variety of comedians. There are even nights for locals to share their acts! You can buy tickets to a show on their website.

Greenville Theatre

If you want to put some music to your romantic night for two, Greenville Theatre puts on amazing musicals and shows. These performances are great to attend as a double date, too! You can visit their website for the latest performances.

Peace Center

Nothing gets better than the Peace Center. The location in downtown Greenville, the beautiful building, and the impeccable performances will make the perfect impression on your date.

The Warehouse Theatre in downtown Greenville, SC

The Warehouse Theatre in downtown Greenville, SC

The Warehouse Theatre

For edgy, authentic performances that explore emotional themes, the Warehouse Theatre is the place to go. It will offer the perfect experience to open up and discuss deep topics with your significant other.

Activities in Greenville


Escape Artist downtown location in Greenville, SC

Escape Artist downtown location in Greenville, SC

Escape Artist Greenville

If you want to spice up your date night with something clever and fun, escape rooms are the perfect way to do it. Bring your date to Escape Artist and spend the hour working together to solve clues and escape before time runs out. You can test your collaboration skills in Dr. Fratelli’s Cabin or bond through the scary (and romantic!) adventure of The Starlight Motel. No matter which adventure you choose, our intriguing sets and distinctive storylines will make your date night special. For even more fun, make it a double date! Four person groups are a great size to work out puzzles and solve challenges together. What better way to make a memory than in an intriguing escape room with friends? Book your perfect date night escape room here.

Breakout Games

Located just down the street from Escape Artist, Breakout offers a variety of fun and interesting escape rooms, from a submarine survival to a kidnapping theme. You can see the full list of themes on their site.

Trapped in the Upstate

For creative and unique escape rooms in Greer, South Carolina, check out Trapped in the Upstate. Their themes are a lot of fun.


Barley’s Taproom 

Throw some billiards and darts into the date night mix with Barley’s Taproom on West Washington Street in Greenville. The taproom has beers on tap and pizza. Can a date get any better than that?


BlocHaven is a rock climbing gym located in the Judson Mill District. You can buy a one-day pass and rent the equipment you need to enjoy indoor rock climbing, whether you’re experienced or you’ve never climbed in your life. Bring your date for a memorable evening of learning the ropes (pun intended).

The Cook’s Station

Spend your night learning to make homemade pasta or pair wines for dinner. The Cook’s Station even hosts classes specifically for couples. Take a look at the list here.

Craft Axe Throwing at Hampton Station in Greenville, SC

Craft Axe Throwing at Hampton Station in Greenville, SC

Craft Axe Throwing

Throwing axes is just plain fun. It’s entertaining, easy to pick up on, and slow-paced enough that you have time to talk with your date. If that didn’t already convince you, Craft Axe Throwing is located near a great brewery and taco place in Hampton Station, which means you can plan a full night without having to leave Hampton.

Frankie’s Fun Park

Whether you’re out on a first date or you’re celebrating your tenth anniversary, arcade games and mini golf at Frankie’s make a perfect plan.

Group Therapy Pub and Playground

Group Therapy has everything, from cocktails and beer to ping pong, ice curling, mini golf, and more. You can’t go wrong with a place that serves cocktails with names like “Galaxy’s Edge” and “Blue Vortex.” It’s downright fun.

Hollowed Earth Pottery at Hampton Station in Greenville, SC

Hollowed Earth Pottery at Hampton Station in Greenville, SC

Hollowed Earth Pottery

Hollowed Earth Pottery does a great job of making pottery attainable for everyone. The classes are interesting and enjoyable, and they’re the perfect way to relax and unwind with someone special. Check out a list of their classes here.

Local Cue Game and Sports Bar

This sports bar in Greenville has shuffleboard, Jenga, darts, billiards, and barbeque. It’s a great place to hang out and enjoy yourself on a casual date.

Pinky’s Revenge Arcade and Game Lounge

Pinky’s Revenge is a retro arcade in Taylors, SC, that often hosts DJs and live music. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your date night, head on over to try out their games and experience the party.

Spare Time Entertainment

With a restaurant, laser tag course, arcade, and bowling lanes, Spare Time has a little something for everyone. Take your date to enjoy an energetic night out.

Stone Pin Company bowling in downtown Greenville, SC

Stone Pin Company bowling in downtown Greenville, SC

Stone Pin Company Bowling

Stone Pin is a boutique bowling alley just down the road from Escape Artist on Stone Avenue. The atmosphere is relaxed and vintage, with snacks and a bar to boot. If you’re looking for a charming place to enjoy a date, Stone Pin is just the ticket.


Enjoy teeing off without worrying about the weather. Topgolf lets you have all the fun of golf without the work. A sports bar and restaurant and climate-controlled bays will make this experience classy and easy.

Date Night Itineraries


For a memorable Thursday night date, eat supper at Roost in NOMA Square. Afterward, you can enjoy outdoor music in the square from Piedmont Natural Gas Downtown Alive. Make sure to stop in Kilwins next door to grab some delicious fudge or ice cream while you listen.


(This itinerary works great for a double date as well!)

Head to Craft Axe Throwing at Hampton Station for an hour of ax throwing and relaxing. Then stop by Escape Artist a few doors down to check out our immersive escape room experience. (You can book ahead to reserve a room for certain, or just swing by to find out what it is!)

For supper, enjoy unique taco combinations at White Duck Taco or experience rich cuisine inspired by the Republic of Georgia at Keipi.

Then grab some beer at Birds Fly South or some mead at the Wandering Bard Meadery. Both breweries do an excellent job of running events like trivia and live music on the weekends, so keep an eye on their schedules.


Enjoy Italian cuisine and delicious gelato at Luna Rosa downtown before taking in a show at one of the many amazing theaters in Greenville. (We love the Peace Center, but The Comedy Zone and Alchemy Comedy Theater offer more budget-friendly tickets!)


(This schedule is also fantastic for double dates!)

Grab dinner and drinks at Willy Taco on Laurens Road for a relaxed, fun atmosphere and great food. After that, play one of our escape rooms at Escape Artist on Stone Avenue down the street. After your high-energy experience solving clues and trying to escape before time runs out, you’ll probably want a chance to unwind. Stone Pin Bowling, also on Stone Avenue, offers drinks and bowling to help you relax.

Thanks for reading this list of date night activities in Greenville to try! Have more ideas to add to the list? We’d love to hear from you. Email us at info@escapeartistgreenville.com.